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A3 Ghost Crash The Enigmatic – a Cryptic Discovery

The discovery of a maroon Vauxhall Astra and a body by the A3 has become a Surrey urban legend

Delve into the perplexing A3 Ghost Crash mystery – a tale of a motorist’s skeleton found near his abandoned car

Around 7:20 p.m. on the evening of December 11th, 2002, a police department in a rural English County called Surrey started receiving all these frantic emergency calls. Now, all of these calls were coming from drivers on a heavily trafficked Highway called the A3, and they all were saying the same things.

The A3
The A3

They had seen this totally reckless driver with super bright headlights that was weaving in and out of traffic and going at high speeds, nearly crashing into people. A couple of the callers said they actually saw this car go down the embankment off the side of the highway, so it looked like they might have crashed.

So, of course, this Police Department, after getting all these calls, decided to send out a couple of officers to see what was going on.

The A3
The A3

When the two officers got out to the A3 and began patrolling the area on the A3 where all these calls were saying they had seen this reckless driver, they didn’t see the driver. They didn’t see a wreck on the side of the road. They didn’t see any signs of an accident. I mean, there was nothing there.

Now, had only one person called in about this wild reckless driver at this point, the officers would have chalked this up to a mistake or even a prank.

But so many people called in about this one particular reckless driver on the A3 that these two officers decided to just keep on looking and really see if they can figure out where this driver went.

And so, to this point, the two police officers had been just driving on the A3 to try to find this driver. They decided they would park their vehicle, get out, and walk on foot on the edge of the highway because there were these huge forests that lined either side of the A3.

The Area Where The Police Were Walking - The Enigmatic A3 Ghost Crash - a Cryptic Discovery
The Area Where The Police Were Walking – The Enigmatic A3 Ghost Crash – a Cryptic Discovery

In fact, Surrey, the county in England where this was, was one of the most heavily forested areas in all of England. And so, these forests on either side of the A3 were very dense. You could not see very far into them.

The A3 From Above - The Enigmatic A3 Ghost Crash - a Cryptic Discovery
The A3 From Above – The Enigmatic A3 Ghost Crash – a Cryptic Discovery

And so, these officers were thinking that it might be possible that this driver, if they were driving as recklessly as all the callers made it seem like, they could have veered off the highway, gone down the embankment, and then, because they were going at such a high speed, they could have crashed their way into one of these forests and basically disappeared from view from the road.

The Forest surounding The A3
The Forest surounding The A3

That, in order to see this crash in the forest, you’d have to be basically in the forest.

And so, these two officers, they pulled over, they got out, and they began walking along the edge of the highway, staring into the forest, looking for a sign of a car wreck. Then, sure enough, after walking for a while, one of the officers spotted something deep in the woods that looked almost metallic or plastic.

Whatever it was, it wasn’t supposed to be in the forest. And so, the officers made their way into the tree line and began walking through all the trees. As they got closer, they realized very clearly there was a car. There was a wreck in the forest.

Christopher Case – A Tale of Predictions and Shadows

So, the two officers, they began running towards the wreck. They’re calling for backup on the radio. They get to this wreck in the middle of the forest, and they’re on the driver’s side, and they look inside the car. There’s no driver in the driver’s seat.

But they looked through the car to the passenger side, and they saw the front passenger door was wide open, and on the ground on the other side of the car was very clearly a body.

Not a Real Photo - The Enigmatic A3 Ghost Crash - a Cryptic Discovery
Not a Real Photo – The Enigmatic A3 Ghost Crash – a Cryptic Discovery

So, the two police officers rushed around the car to get a better look at the body. And when they did, they couldn’t believe what they were seeing. It didn’t make any sense. Like, what was this? Now, to understand why these police officers were so caught off guard by what they were seeing, we need to go back 5 months to July 16th, 2002.

On that night, a 21-year-old man named Christopher Brian Chandler finished up his beer at a pub in West London. And for reference, where this Pub was located was about 1 hour north of that stretch of the A3 Highway in Surrey where the car was found in the woods.

This night, Christopher had gone to this pub with a close friend of his. This was meant to be a fun night out, but as Chris is finishing up this beer, he began to feel really antsy because it turned out Christopher was actually wanted by police in London for robbery.

And so, he hated staying in one place for too long. The only people who even knew where Christopher was was the friend he was with at the bar and then also Christopher’s brother. He knew he was at this particular pub.

So, finally, Christopher got so anxious about being in this pub for too long that he told the friend he was with that he just wanted to leave. And so, he said good night to his friend; the friend stayed at the pub, and Christopher left, got in his car, and began driving.

But Christopher never arrived at the place he was trying to go. He just sort of disappeared, and nobody heard from him again. Christopher’s brother eventually would report Christopher missing.

But remember, the brother knows Christopher is wanted for robbery, and so Christopher suddenly going on the lam and just disappearing for a while was kind of par for the course. And so, the brother didn’t think this was a big deal.

And also, the police felt the same way because they knew Christopher was trying to elude them, and so it makes sense he would be missing. And so, as a result, nobody really followed up on Christopher’s missing person report. Everybody just kind of moved on.

That is until 5 months later when all those drivers began calling into the police in Surrey about seeing this totally reckless driver careening down the A3 who eventually crashed into a ditch.

And then those two officers, they went out to that stretch of A3, and sure enough, it was Christopher’s car. And the body on the ground was Christopher. However, there was a problem.

When the two police officers walked up on Christopher’s car and saw it for the first time, they were struck by how old it looked. But it didn’t really register with them why that would matter. It just stood out to them that this is a really, really old and rusted-up car.

But when they went around to look at the body on the ground, Christopher’s body, they saw that his body was actually mostly a skeleton, which meant Christopher did not crash and die on this night, December 11th, 2002. Very likely, he crashed and died 5 months earlier, right around the time he disappeared.

Now, the Surrey police, they say that this was all just one big coincidence. That the reckless driver that all these drivers were reporting that night on the A3 must have not crashed and actually just kind of got away. And then, just by coincidence, when the police were searching that area of the A3 for the reckless driver, they happened upon Chris and his car.

But remember, several of the drivers who called in that night about seeing this reckless driver on the A3, they specifically said they saw the car veer off the embankment and crash down below near the tree line. Like, this is a serious crash, someone needs to get out here with an ambulance because probably someone’s hurt.

And then when the police got out and searched the exact area where this crash supposedly happened, they found Chris’s car that had all the hallmarks of a car that was driving recklessly on the A3, that veered off and crashed into the woods. I mean, they found Chris and his car because of these calls.

But it could not have been Chris. But what other car could it have been? As of today, we do not have a good explanation for how this happened. And so, it’s been dubbed the A3 Ghost Crash.

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