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Ezequiel Zayas – The SCARIEST surgeon on earth

The True Horror Story of Ezequiel Zayas and the Campbell Family

In 2019 a family of four moved into a new house in a quiet suburb in Hawaii. They loved it until they discovered the dark secret their house held. This story is easily one of the spookiest true stories I have ever come across – Ezequiel Zayas

Back to 2018, James and Brittany Campbell jetted off to the very famous Little Vegas Chapel, located just off the Las Vegas Nevada strip. They got married by a man dressed up as Elvis Presley. While the couple stood in front of a pink Cadillac, their wedding was certainly not traditional by Western standards. It somehow seemed fitting for the newlyweds. After all, they were not a traditional couple.

James Campbell & Brittany Campbell - Ezequiel Zayas The SCARIEST surgeon on earth
James Campbell & Brittany Campbell – Ezequiel Zayas The SCARIEST surgeon on earth

Brittany, who was 36 years old, was extremely energetic, outgoing, and bubbly. She even referred to herself as being a little crazy. As for James, who was 35 years old, he was reserved, quiet, and kind of analytical. He would rarely act on impulse.

James Campbell & Brittany Campbell - Ezequiel Zayas The SCARIEST surgeon on earth
James Campbell & Brittany Campbell – Ezequiel Zayas The SCARIEST surgeon on earth

On top of these two just being complete and total polar opposites, they had actually dated previously back in high school, and it had not worked out. They had broken up and gone their separate ways, not expecting to see each other again.

But nearly two decades later, they randomly reconnected. This time they had something major in common. James was a single father of two young boys, and he was desperately looking for a partner to not only share his life with but someone who would come in and help him raise his kids. As for Brittany, she too was single, and she really wanted to be a mother. So, the timing of their reunion was perfect.

James Campbell & Brittany Campbell - Ezequiel Zayas The SCARIEST surgeon on earth
James Campbell & Brittany Campbell – Ezequiel Zayas The SCARIEST surgeon on earth

A year after the wedding, James, who was serving in the U.S Navy, was given orders to spend a couple of years working out of a naval base in Hawaii. So, the family of four, along with their little cat named Mr. Franklin, packed up all of their things and left the mainland of the United States. They landed in Honolulu, which is the capital of Hawaii.

The family would move into a modest two-story home located just a couple of minutes’ drive away from the airport. The house was located at the end of a cul-de-sac in this very quiet and safe neighborhood that really didn’t look like the type of neighborhood you would expect to see on a beautiful Hawaiian island. It really just kind of looked like typical American suburbs with all these cookie-cutter two-story houses right up next to each other on either side of the road. Out front, everyone’s got a white picket fence.

But for the Campbells, who had never lived in Hawaii before and were used to living on mainland America, it was actually kind of nice to move into this neighborhood and have it look kind of familiar. So, before long, the Campbell family loved their new Hawaii house. That is until they learned their house had a dark secret.

It all started in June of 2019. So not long after the Campbells had moved to Hawaii, Brittany had to go into the garage to get something. Their garage was attached on the left side of their house if you were looking at their house from the street. There was a door on the first floor of the house that led into the garage.

Brittany walked across the first floor, opened that door, and went into the garage. She flipped on the light switch, and what she saw all over the garage made no sense to her. They still had a bunch of moving boxes that they had not unpacked since they’d only been in Hawaii for a matter of weeks. So, all these unopened boxes, they had just kind of stacked up inside of the garage.

But when Brittany had turned the lights on and looked into the garage, she saw nearly all of those boxes had been toppled over. Lots of the contents inside of these boxes spilled out onto the ground. But even more bizarrely, it looked like it wasn’t totally haphazard. It looked like someone had intentionally kind of sifted through the boxes and taken out random objects and put them into strange piles that didn’t make any sense.

The objects were not alike, or they had taken the objects and kind of stood them up in these strange arrangements, almost like they were being laid out for a garage sale. Brittany immediately just turns around and leaves the garage. She goes to the other side of the house and gets her husband, James, and he looks inside. He’s just as shocked as she is.

The two of them immediately just go into the garage and begin looking through all of the stuff to see if anything is missing. Now, it was pretty difficult to tell if something had been stolen, but they did have some valuable stuff that was in those boxes that had been pulled out and was lying on the ground. That wasn’t missing. So, that was a pretty good indication to James and Brittany that this wasn’t a robbery.

The only other thing they could think of would be that their two young sons must have come in here and been goofing around and pulled the boxes over, and so this is their doing. But when the parents confronted the two young sons, they said they didn’t do it. Brittany believed them, but James didn’t necessarily. He thought they could be lying about it.

James Campbell & Brittany Campbell
James Campbell & Brittany Campbell

And if they were telling the truth, then, you know, maybe one of their pets had gotten into the garage and caused all this chaos. They had purchased a dog when they got to Hawaii, so they had a cat and a dog. James was just being very dismissive of this whole garage incident and not taking seriously the fact that Brittany was really spooked by this.

Regardless of how the family members felt about the garage incident, they all just kind of moved on because there really wasn’t anything to do except pick the garage up and continue on. About a week after the garage incident, Brittany was home alone one morning getting ready. She was sitting in the master bedroom in front of her mirror and applying eyeliner.

She had a YouTube video playing some makeup tutorials. As she’s applying the makeup, she suddenly hears the front door downstairs slam shut. She almost pokes her eye out with her eyeliner; she’s so startled by the sound of it. She immediately pauses her YouTube video and calls out for James and her sons, believing they must be home and somebody slammed the door.

But when she calls out, she gets no response. Immediately, Brittany is going through all of these different rationalizations like, ‘Okay, maybe James and the boys opened the door, they got something, or put something in the house, they slammed it, and they left, and so that’s why they didn’t hear me call their name.’

Brittany Campbell - Ezequiel Zayas The SCARIEST surgeon on earth
Brittany Campbell – Ezequiel Zayas The SCARIEST surgeon on earth

But she couldn’t help but feel like something was wrong. She’s also thinking about the garage incident, which really never left her. She pretended like she had moved on, but really, she hadn’t. She stands up and begins walking towards the open door that led out into the hallway. From the master bedroom, if you were looking out into the second-floor hallway, it basically went straight across to another door, her son’s bedroom.

In between these two doors, halfway down the second-floor hallway, to the left, was a flight of stairs that went straight down to the first floor. When you reached the bottom of those steps, right in front of you would be the front door, the door that had slammed.

Brittany reaches the threshold of the master bedroom, looking out into the second-floor hallway. She doesn’t see anyone, so she yells out again for James and her sons. Again, there’s silence. She takes a deep breath and begins walking down the second-floor hallway. She makes it halfway, turns left, and gets onto the stairs.

As she’s walking down these steps, the house is eerily quiet. She’s got this growing sense of dread inside of her. She’s quietly calling out for James and her sons, but it’s totally quiet. She gets to the foot of the stairs, scans around her, doesn’t see anyone, and then walks to the front door.

The Door - Ezequiel Zayas The SCARIEST surgeon on earth
The Door – Ezequiel Zayas The SCARIEST surgeon on earth

She flings it open, expecting or hoping to see James’s car in the driveway or just some indication that her husband or her sons had been there or were there. But when she opened that door, James’s car was not there. There was no sign of anybody in the area. It was just her.

With her heart racing, she shut the door, locked it, and then walked all around the first floor, checking every window, checking every door, making sure everything was locked. She went upstairs, did the same thing, checking every room, every closet. There was no one in the house with her. She was sure of it.

So, she went back to her room, thinking to herself, ‘What do I make of that? How do I reconcile the fact that I clearly heard the front door slam, but no one’s here?’ Brittany would eventually leave the house, go about her day, and then that evening, she would come back home, and her husband and her sons would be there.

At some point, she would bring up the slamming door to her husband to get a sense of, ‘Could that have been him?’ He would tell her that no, he had not come by the house that day, so that could not have been him. But he assured his wife, ‘Don’t worry. You probably just unlocked the door, and a draft came through and slammed the door. You got nothing to worry about.’

Brittany Campbell - Ezequiel Zayas The SCARIEST surgeon on earth
Brittany Campbell – Ezequiel Zayas The SCARIEST surgeon on earth

But Brittany would tell her husband that that was just not possible. She always shut the door, she always shut and locked the door, so the idea that she had forgotten to lock it and had left it partially ajar enough to the point that a draft could slam it the way it did, it just didn’t make any sense.

But just like the garage incident, James was very dismissive and just told his wife, ‘You’re being super paranoid. You have nothing to worry about. It’s just a door. Don’t worry about it.’ But this really upset Brittany, and she got mad at James, and before long, the two were just totally fighting about it.

By the time they actually laid their heads down on their pillows that night, they weren’t even speaking. The couple that night, they fall asleep angrily, and then in the middle of the night, Brittany wakes up suddenly. She doesn’t know why she’s woken up, but she’s kind of looking around the room. It’s totally silent, and she’s trying to get her bearings.

Not a Real Photo - Ezequiel Zayas The SCARIEST surgeon on earth
Not a Real Photo – Ezequiel Zayas The SCARIEST surgeon on earth

As she’s sitting there, she hears downstairs, not a slamming door, but the sound of a door opening and then shutting immediately. She’s on heightened alert. Instead of doing anything, she just kind of leans forward and listens really intently to make sure she really heard what she thought she just heard.

As she’s sitting there listening, she can hear, again, another door downstairs, a different door, opening and then shutting. At this point, she begins to panic. She reaches over, shakes James awake, and tells him, ‘I can hear someone opening and shutting doors downstairs.’ Now, James was not remotely thrilled to be having this conversation. He was still mad at his wife for being so paranoid about the door earlier.

To be woken up in the middle of the night to his wife freaking out about more doors being open and shut, he was just really upset. So, he sits up, totally annoyed, not ready to take seriously anything Brittany is saying. Brittany’s picking up on this, and so finally, she just says, ‘James, did you lock the front door before you went to bed?’

So, James is like, ‘Yes, I locked the front door. I’m telling you, you’re hearing things. There’s nothing going on in this house.’ But Brittany was not convinced, and she says, ‘You know what? You can think nothing’s going on, but I’m going downstairs to make sure no one is in this house.’

Brittany would get out of her bed, walk over to the open door that led into the second-floor hallway, and as soon as she looked out, she didn’t see anything, she didn’t hear anything. So, very slowly, she began walking down the second-floor hallway until she reached the top of the stairs. At that point, she turned and looked downstairs into the pitch-black first floor.

She was terrified, but she knew she had to go down there to make sure her family was safe. And so, down the stairs she went. When she got to the bottom of the stairs, she saw right away the front door was unlocked. Brittany’s thinking, ‘Why would my husband tell me he locked the door if it’s not locked?

And so then Brittany’s thinking, okay, my sons must have gotten out of bed and they must have unlocked the door. That’s what I’m hearing. I’m hearing these doors opening and shutting because my sons are down here somewhere and they’re the ones causing all this noise. And so Brittany kind of felt relieved for a second because this seemed like what must be going on.

But after locking the front door and then searching the whole first floor she didn’t find her sons. And then when she went upstairs again and went into her boy’s room she found both of them were fast asleep in their beds. And when she shook them awake they showed no sign of having been awake recently. They were totally groggy and could not have been running around the house just minutes earlier.

So now Brittany is terrified. She tucks her boys back in and she tells them, you know, everything’s fine. But then she hustles back over to the master bedroom with her husband and she tells James, “The front door was unlocked and our sons were fast asleep. It couldn’t have been them.” But James continues to be very dismissive, telling his wife, “You are totally overreacting. You’re being paranoid. You’re just hearing the sound of those doors because you’re scared. There isn’t any door slamming in the house.”

And as he’s saying this, their back sliding door downstairs that led to their backyard suddenly slammed open and then slammed shut. And as soon as this happened, James, who had been so dismissive and totally skeptical he instantly changed and he looked at his wife and he said you stay right here and he jumped out of his bed and he ran out of the bedroom.

A few minutes later he would come back into the master bedroom and he would tell his wife that, “Yeah, you know, the back door it was unlocked but it was shot. You know, I’m sure you just forgot to lock it and the same draft that is opening and shutting doors you know probably opened and shut the back door too so we got nothing to worry about you know the house is locked right now let’s just get in bed and go to sleep.”

At this Brittany is incredulous and she says to her husband, “You got to be kidding me. There is something weird happening in our house. Doors are opening and shutting. We have that thing with the garage. You can’t act like nothing is happening.”

And this in turn turned into a big fight. And so before long the parents weren’t even talking about who opened and shut the doors downstairs they were just fighting with each other. And then eventually they were just so tired that they gave up and they both went to sleep.

It was a couple of weeks after the nighttime door slamming incident, and James, he was alone at his house. It’s the middle of the day, and he decided he would just play the piano. And so he moved to his piano in the living room, which is on the first floor. He sat down and he began playing. And then after a little while, he started to feel like he was being watched.

It got to the point where it was so uncomfortable he had to stop playing and actually look around and make sure he really was alone. And when he did that, he noticed out the window to his right, which led into the side yard, that there was clearly a figure standing in the window outside looking in with its arms down. But there was a curtain over the window, and so all he could see was this shadow figure standing at the window.

Not a Real Photo
Not a Real Photo

So James is immediately startled. And as soon as he reacted to this figure, the figure suddenly starts moving towards the back of the house. And so James, he gets up and he rushes over to another window that looked into the backyard, and he looks outside and there’s no one there. And then he goes back to the window he originally saw the figure in, he opens it up, there’s no one there.

And so James would ultimately tell himself that, okay, that must have just been some nosy neighbor that heard the music. They came over and they noticed that maybe I saw them and they ran off before I could see them. And so that’s what it was. But deep down, what he saw in the window really shook him up.

However, it would be the blanket incident that would finally push James to go from being dismissive and skeptical to admitting to his wife, “We got a problem.”

It was not long after James spotted that dark figure outside of the window when he and his wife and his two kids decided they would head out to a movie theater to catch a movie. And so as they’re getting ready to go, Brittany would say that she wanted to bring along a particular blanket that the whole family loved to use when they were sitting on the couch. She was going to bring that blanket with her to the movie theater to kind of cuddle up under for the movie.

And so she would make her way into the living room, and she would see the blanket was missing. It was not on the couch where it normally was. And so she would ask her husband and her sons if they had any idea where it was, and they would say no, we haven’t touched it. She would look all over the place under the couch in the living room, she went upstairs, she couldn’t find it. And so finally, they just left without the blanket.

Not a Real Photo
Not a Real Photo

But when they came back that evening, there on the couch folded up neatly was this blanket. Everybody knew that blanket had not been there when they left. So how did it get there?

For the next few weeks, the parents did their best to put on a brave face and tell their kids that everything was okay. But the parents and the kids were all terrified to be in that house. And that’s because at night the doors continued to open and shut, their dog periodically would just start barking in the middle of the night for no apparent reason, and they would all get this awful sense that they were being watched all the time in their house.

So finally, by September of that year, the parents decided, “We just have to get out of this house. We cannot be here. We need to take a break.” And so they packed up their stuff and they flew to mainland America where they stayed with some family for a week. On September 20th, they hopped back on a plane and they flew back to Honolulu. And as they’re driving from the airport to their house, Brittany and James were just kind of secretly hoping that, you know, whatever weirdness was happening in their house would just magically stop once they returned.

But as soon as James turned onto their street and they could see their house, they knew that was not going to be the case. Because as they began driving up their road, they could see James’s very nice road bike was laying on their driveway. And so Brittany, she turned to her husband, and even though she knew the answer, she said, “James, were you riding your bike before we left?” And James, who doesn’t even look at his wife, just shakes his head, “No, he wasn’t.”

And so James drives all the way down the road, he turns into their driveway, which is lined up right with the front of the garage door. And after James parks the car, he hits the garage door opener button. And so as James is sitting in the driver’s seat, Brittany’s right next to him, the kids are in back, they’re watching as this door is raising right in front of them. And as soon as they can see into the garage, they see everything in their garage has just been completely trashed.

Garage Torn Apart
Garage Torn Apart

Things are not just dumped out, but things have been ripped apart and shredded as if a wild animal had been let loose inside of the garage. James immediately said to his wife, “We’ve been robbed,” and then he hopped out of the car and then turned and told his kids, “You stay in the car. Do not get out.” And James, he went over to the side of the house and got a sledgehammer for protection and made his way to the front door.

Meanwhile, Brittany would be on the phone with 9-1-1 to report that someone had broken into their house. A few minutes later, James was inside of his house, and he saw the entirety of his house was just like the garage. It had been completely ripped to shreds. But amidst the chaos were those kind of strange piles of random objects, much like they had seen in that first garage incident where the things inside of the boxes had been stacked in kind of strange piles and arrangements.

And so James is looking around his first floor, and he’s seeing stacks of coasters and books and electronics. But what really got James’s attention was that on various surfaces there were these medical vials of drugs or chemicals that were placed all over the place. And he knew that was not his family’s. Someone had brought those vials into this house.

Medicine Bottles Laying Around The Campbell's House
Medicine Bottles Laying Around The Campbell’s House

James would make his way up the stairs to the second floor landing, and right away he could tell, you know, the upstairs had all the hallmarks of being destroyed as much as the first floor. But when he went left and went into his boy’s room, he saw that room was pristine. In fact, it had been cleaned. The boy’s laundry was neatly folded on one side of the room. Their beds were perfectly made with military precision.

And all of their toys and different things that were normally all over the floor were neatly put away in the places they should go. So James would turn around and leave his boys’ room in absolute astonishment and he would walk across the second floor hallway into the master bedroom and what he would find in there would make an already terrible situation much much worse.

The master bedroom was destroyed like the majority of the house and garage except the top of their bed was not covered in junk. Instead on their bed was this towel that had been neatly laid out almost like a tablecloth and laying on this towel neatly spaced apart kind of perfectly arranged were a bunch of knives and then next to the knives still on the towel was a laptop that the Campbell family owned but they didn’t use it. It did work but it just kind of sat in the master bedroom and this laptop was sitting on this towel and it was open but the screen had turned off.

By this point, Brittany had come upstairs and so Brittany and James, they walk over in horror to this layout on their bed and they click the keys on the keyboard of their laptop and it illuminates the screen and shows whatever was being worked on last and it’s this long long word document that neither of them made. They scrolled to the top of this document and the document was titled ‘The Omnivore Trials’ and then below that it said ‘A Rehabilitation for Rat-like People’ and then below that the entire document was kind of like a diary. It was a whole bunch of observations about so-called specimens and these specimens were very clearly the Campbell family.

An Entry To The Diary Found On The Laptop
An Entry To The Diary Found On The Laptop

These observations ranged from what time the Campbell family liked to watch TV to what James and Brittany talked about behind closed doors in their bedroom including their struggle to have a child something they were not talking about to their family but in this document the author of the Omnivore Trials would talk about how the creature, which was referencing Brittany, needed to stop trying to have another baby and instead focus on the children she already had.

Toward the end of this really lengthy document, the author of the Omnivore Trials came to a shocking conclusion that in order to rehabilitate these rat-like people the Campbells, the author would have to perform several surgeries on the specimens. These surgeries were hand amputations and gender reassignment surgeries and then after this conclusion there was another note that detailed all the different surgeon tools the author would need to perform these surgeries as well as a list of drugs and chemicals they would need in order to sedate these specimens before they performed these surgeries.

An Entry To The Diary Found On The Laptop Listing The Tools Needed For Surgery
An Entry To The Diary Found On The Laptop Listing The Tools Needed For Surgery

And so after James and Brittany see this they realized that those knives laying out on the towel were for them those were the knives that were going to be used for the surgeries and all those weird vials those medical vials they saw all downstairs those were likely the drugs that would be used to sedate them so they could go under the knife.

15 minutes before James and Brittany went into their house and discovered the knives, the medical vials, and the laptop, James grabbed that sledgehammer and walked to the front door while his wife called 9-1-1 and so James he gets to the front door he puts his key into the lock he unlocks it and with the sledgehammer in one hand he attempts to push the door open but despite the door being unlocked he can’t open it there’s resistance behind the door and so James kind of gets down and he presses as hard as he can into the door with his shoulder until finally it opens up just a crack and James can see into the house.

So James as he’s pressing the door barely open he’s staring into this crack trying to make out what’s going on inside of his house and then suddenly a set of eyes meet his from behind the door and before James can do anything this man that is standing inside of his house says to James this is not your house and then proceeds to push the door shut on James.

Not a Real Photo
Not a Real Photo

James in an adrenaline-fueled fury smashed the door open grabbed this guy and yanked him out of the house and threw him onto the front yard and then James with his sledgehammer would stand in front of the sky between him and his kids and his wife and he would say if you go anywhere i’m going to have to attack you with this but the intruder this guy whose name was Ezequiel Zayas he was a 23-year-old young man he would just stand on the Campbell’s property staring directly at James unblinking and then a couple of minutes later the police would show up and Ezequiel Zayas would not put up any fight he would be arrested and he would be taken away.

Ezequiel Zayas
Ezequiel Zayas

It was after he was gone that James and his wife would actually go into their house and they would see the state it was in and they would go upstairs and they would discover the knives and the laptop. It would turn out months earlier Ezequiel Zayas had apparently found a way to sneak in and out of the Campbell’s property and so around the time they had moved in Ezequiel Zayas was living there as well.

Ezequiel Zayas
Ezequiel Zayas

He was mostly living in the crawl space above the second-floor bathroom and then whenever he was able to Ezequiel Zayas would climb down out of this crawl space and he would go and observe the Campbells and this was not just at night based on some of the observations inside of Ezequiel’s Omnivore Trials document clearly he was watching the family in the middle of the day too.

Ezequiel Zayas
Ezequiel Zayas

Also based on these observations in this document it was pretty clear that Ezequiel Zayas was getting ready to actually carry out these surgeries on the Campbell family meaning the Campbell’s decision to go on vacation when they did could very well have saved their lives.

Ezequiel Zayas
Ezequiel Zayas

And if there was any question as to whether Ezequiel Zayas could have actually carried out that level of physical harm on another human being by carrying out those surgeries well after he was arrested for what he did to the Campbells while he was in jail he beat his cellmate to death allegedly although a guard literally walked in and saw Ezequiel Zayas punching and kicking and beating the sky and then he died but technically the trial is not over so it’s allegedly Ezequiel Zayas is currently in a state hospital and they are trying to determine if he is fit to stand trial for what he did to the Campbells and for what he did to his cellmate.

Even though it might be self-explanatory at this point in the video it’s worth pointing out that we have no idea what Ezequiel’s motives were for why he did the things he did to the Campbell family or what he was looking to achieve with the so-called omnivore trials. We also don’t know why he allegedly killed his cellmate.

Brittany & James Campbell
Brittany & James Campbell

As for the Campbells this whole experience was so traumatic that they did not stay at their Hawaii house they moved and as of today their whereabouts are unknown.

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