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Woman ‘beheaded by friend’ believed she was in ‘relationship with King Charles’

Deborah Chong, at 67 years old, grew friendly with Jemma Mitchell after they met through a church charity group, and Mitchell “also played the role of a spiritual healer for Deborah” during this time. And what was the reason behind the gruesome murder being carried out?…

The next time you’re out walking around the Streets of London, look up. Chances are good you will find a camera somewhere nearby because as of publishing this video right now today, London is one of the most surveilled cities in the entire world, with citizens being filmed up to 70 times a day.

Now the reason for all of these cameras is to deter and more effectively prosecute criminal activity, but the vast majority of the footage these hundreds of thousands of cameras all over London capture every day is just normal people doing normal things.

But periodically, these cameras will capture people doing just horrible illegal things. And today I’m gonna tell you the story behind one of those types of videos. Now at first glance, the video clip which we’re gonna play will not be that shocking, but trust me with context, it’s horrifying.

Eye in the Sky

On the morning of Friday, June 11, 2021, in a suburb in the northwest of London, a man named David Klein woke up to his early morning alarm. David rolled out of bed, got dressed, and he very carefully made his way downstairs to start getting ready for work.

As David moved around this Old Brick House he was in, he was very careful not to make much noise because he didn’t want to wake up his roommate, a 67-year-old Widow named Deborah Chong. Deborah was technically David’s landlord, but she didn’t charge him any rent.

Deborah Chong
Deborah Chong

The two had met in church, and when Deborah Chong had learned that David didn’t really have a place to live, she had immediately volunteered her house and told David to come live with her for free.

David couldn’t believe her generosity and immediately took her up on the offer. After he had moved in, he learned that he was far from the first person who Deborah had allowed to come and live in her house rent-free. It would turn out Deborah, whose late husband had given her a ton of money in his will, felt like it was her responsibility and her duty to use her ample resources to house people that were kind of down on their luck.

Deborah's House
Deborah’s House

She said it was her way of serving God. Also, David got the impression that Deborah just liked having people living with her in her home; it made her happy.

But David would notice a distinct change in Deborah’s personality around the time the COVID-19 pandemic started in early 2020. At that time, Deborah Chong, like many other people, was very concerned about this Global Health crisis and wanted to learn more about what was happening and what could happen in the future.

And so the way she did that is she obsessively began going on YouTube and began consuming COVID-19 related content and political content surrounding COVID-19 and the pandemic and lockdowns.

But instead of becoming more educated and well-versed on what was happening in the world, Deborah’s constant consumption of COVID-19 related content on YouTube really just made her feel incredibly stressed out and anxious.

As David began to see firsthand, Deborah’s sudden high levels of anxiety really began wreaking havoc on her life. Years earlier, Deborah Chong was officially diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, which is a mental illness that causes bouts of psychosis, which is like losing touch with reality. Now pre-COVID, pre-pandemic, her symptoms were so mild that she basically led a totally normal life.

But once the pandemic started and her YouTube quest for information caused that spike in stress and anxiety, it caused a spike in her symptoms. And so she began suffering from frequent and lengthy hallucinations and delusions.

Deborah Chong
Deborah Chong

One time David came home from work, and when he went inside the house, he found Deborah sitting at the kitchen table diligently writing these handwritten letters to various British public figures. And when David asked her what she was doing, she explained to him that these British public figures were speaking directly to her through the YouTube videos she was watching.

And so these handwritten letters were her response letters back to these public figures. In May of 2021, Deborah’s hallucinations had gotten so bad that doctors intervened and forcibly injected her with an antipsychotic medication.

While these meds definitely reduced Deborah’s symptoms, they also had some pretty negative side effects as well. Namely, they totally curbed her appetite and they made sleeping really challenging. And so pretty quickly, those two side effects combined made Deborah Chong feel really weak and tired, basically all the time, to the point where she sometimes needed David to literally hold her up by her arm just to walk down the street.

David Helping Deborah Walk Down The Street
David Helping Deborah Walk Down The Street

Now David, of course, had no problem helping Deborah with whatever she wanted. I mean, she had done so much for him. But David had work and so he was only really available to help her in the mornings and in the evenings during the week.

And so he had actually spoken to Deborah Chong about hiring a full-time caretaker that could live with her and just take care of her at the level she needed all the time. And Deborah was open to it. She actually called a company that offered that service, and they told her they would get someone out to her, but it would take some time before her caretaker was actually assigned to her.

Now David was really pleased with this development, but he really wished they would speed it up because again, every time he was away all day at work, he knew Deborah was home by herself, and so he was just so worried something was going to happen to her when he was gone.

So after David gathered up all of his things and very quietly made his way from the kitchen to the front door, he paused for a moment and said a silent prayer in his head for Deborah’s safety and protection while he was away at work. And then he opened the front door quietly, went outside, shut the door behind him, and headed off to work.

A few hours later, David came home from work. He went back inside the house, and the first thing he did is he called out for Deborah. But Deborah Chong didn’t call back, and the house was very quiet. So David took off his shoes and walked around the first floor, kind of calling out for Deborah as he walked. But again, there was no answer. And so after walking the whole first floor and not finding her, he yelled one more time really loudly, “Hey Deborah, are you here?” And after hearing nothing, he pulled out his phone and called Deborah.

As the phone was ringing, he could hear Deborah’s phone ringing upstairs. And so he thought, “Okay, maybe Deborah is upstairs, she fell asleep, and her phone’s just next to her on the bed.” And so with David’s phone still calling Deborah’s phone, David began walking upstairs. And when he got to the top of the stairs, he just followed the sound of Deborah’s ringing phone into her bedroom.

And when he went in there, Deborah Chong was not in there. Her phone was, though, and so were her glasses. They were both just sitting on the bed; those were two items that Deborah would bring with her anywhere she went. And so trying not to panic, David called out a few more times for Deborah, but again, there was no answer.

And so after quick searching her bedroom and not finding her, he searched all the other rooms upstairs, but again, she just was not there. She was not in the house.

And so David began calling and texting friends from church and other people that knew Deborah to see if anybody had heard from her or knew where she was.

But no one did, and the only people who had recently talked to her said she was totally incoherent, talking about spirits and demons and the destruction of all mankind. And so believing Deborah must be suffering from a schizophrenic hallucination somewhere out in the city, David picked up his phone again and he called the police.

When the police showed up at the house, David filled them in on what was going on. And the police told him, “Hey, look, we’ll go back and review all of the CCTV camera footage taken from outside of your house. We’re bound to see footage of Deborah Chong leaving her house at some point, and then we can just watch where she goes.” And so David felt reassured, and the police felt very confident.

But when the police went back to the station and began reviewing all of the security footage taken from roughly outside of Deborah’s house, there was no footage of her ever leaving the house. There was only footage the day before of Deborah going into the house, but she never left.

Deborah Walking Back To Her House Days Before Her Disappearance
Deborah Walking Back To Her House Days Before Her Disappearance

And so naturally, the police went back to Deborah and David’s house, and they thoroughly searched that house, believing Deborah Chong had to be in there somewhere. But despite searching everywhere in this house—in every crawl space, in the attic, the basement, every closet—everywhere, she wasn’t there. It would take the police nearly a month, but they would eventually figure out where Deborah went.

And to say they were surprised at where she went is a massive understatement. But to understand what happened, we have to go back to the very beginning of Deborah’s very strange disappearance story.


It all started about 10 months before Deborah Chong actually went missing in August of 2020. That month, Debra met a 36-year-old woman named Jemma Mitchell at one of her church prayer groups. Like Deborah, Jemma was very religious, and so the two women became Fast Friends despite being 30 years apart in age.


Deborah Chong would confide in Jemma about her mental health struggles and Jemma Mitchell would confide in Debra about her house/financial troubles.

Basically, Jemma a couple of years earlier had given money to a contractor to fix up her house, but the contractor had taken her money, not done any work, and then run off, basically robbing Jemma. But Jemma really needed to do these renovations, and so she wound up hiring a second contractor who did Begin work.

Jemma Mitchell's House
Jemma Mitchell’s House

But during this process, Jemma Mitchell realized she would never be able to recover the money that was stolen from her from the first contractor. And so when she realized she wasn’t going to get that money, money she knew she would not be able to fully pay the second contractor for his work.

And so when the second contractor found out he was not going to get paid, he stopped work immediately despite the fact that there was no working heat in Jemma’s house and there was a huge hole in her roof. But Jemma had no way to fix this, and so she and her mom were just living in this house that was just totally freezing all the time.

The Hole In Jemma's Roof
The Hole In Jemma’s Roof

Deborah Chong had been so moved by Jemma’s situation that very quickly after meeting her she offered two hundred thousand pounds to Jemma to finish the renovations on her house under the condition that one room in Jemma’s new house would be solely dedicated to Christian Ministry.

Jemma Mitchell was overwhelmed with gratitude. She could not believe that Deborah was willing to do this for her, so of course, she agreed to her terms without any hesitation.

After that, the two women began texting all the time about this renovation project. Deborah Chong would suggest paint colors and different things to do with the inside of the house, and Jemma would text updates about the different contractors she had talked to who could do pieces of the renovation.

Jemma Mitchel (Left) and Deborah Chong (Right)
Jemma Mitchel (Left) and Deborah Chong (Right)

Deborah Chong was always inviting Jemma over to her house, and she even began referring to Jemma as her sister. Jemma loved it because she actually had always wanted to be much closer with her own biological sister, but they had kind of drifted apart. For Jemma, Deborah really did feel like the sister she was supposed to have.

But their relationship was about to change drastically. In May of 2021, eight months after the two women met for the first time and one month before Deborah would vanish, Deborah was forcibly injected with that antipsychotic medication to combat her paranoid schizophrenia.

Right after Deborah Chong got this injection, she began treating Jemma totally differently. She basically stopped communicating altogether with Jemma, and then, in the rare times she would text Jemma, it was just to berate her about being a hoarder or being too messy and sloppy.

Jemma Mitchell didn’t really know what to make of her friend’s new behavior, but she knew Deborah was going through a really tough time. So Jemma just kind of took the abuse and didn’t say anything. When Jemma did try to talk to Deborah by asking about the renovation project, which was quickly approaching on the horizon, Deborah would tell Jemma not to talk about it, that it was too stressful, and just don’t bring it up again.

Then, one day, Deborah Chong just called Jemma out of the blue and said, “I’m not funding the renovation anymore. It’s over. You’re on your own.” Jemma Mitchell felt totally devastated and pleaded with Deborah to please reconsider. But Deborah was not about to change her mind. In fact, on this call, she would tell Jemma, “You know, hey, you should just sell your house. And in fact, until you sell your house, don’t contact me.” And then Deborah hung up.

Jemma Mitchell didn’t know what to do. She felt like she really could not sell her house because it was kind of like a family heirloom that had been passed down for generations. And so it just felt wrong to sell it. But on the other hand, without help, she would never have enough money to fix the house up. So she was totally stuck, and she felt like her only option was to go to Deborah Chong and have one more conversation and just really plead her case.

Jemma's House
Jemma’s House

So on the morning of June 11, 2021, the day that Deborah goes missing, Jemma Mitchell showed up on Deborah’s porch and rang her doorbell. She arrived just after David had left for work. A few moments later, Deborah slowly made her way to the door.

Deborah's House
Deborah’s House

She opened it up, she saw Jemma out there, and asked, “You know what’s going on?” And Jemma just very politely said, “Would you please let me come in and can we just talk one more time about the renovation?” And Deborah Chong, who was not very enthused at the idea of having this conversation, said, “You know what, okay, come on in.”

So Jemma Mitchell would go inside, and the two women would sit down. They’d exchange some pleasantries, and then, at some point when there was a break in the conversation, Jemma brought up the renovation. She had actually written out this whole speech about how incredible Deborah Chong was and how these renovations, if they went through with them, would mean so much to her, Jemma, and her family.

Deborah Chong
Deborah Chong

But as Jemma Mitchell is going through this pitch, Deborah just cuts her off and says, “Jemma, I’m sorry, but my decision is final. I am not paying for the renovation. I’m sorry.” A little while later, both Jemma and Debra would leave Deborah’s house.

And there actually is CCTV footage that shows the pair walking on Deborah’s street right outside of her house. However, the reason the police did not flag this footage when they first were scanning all of that footage to figure out where Deborah Chong went is that when you watch the footage of the two women together, it actually only looks like one person.

Jemma Walking Down The Street With a Suitcase
Jemma Walking Down The Street With a Suitcase

It looks like Jemma Mitchell, but Jemma is wheeling a huge suitcase right behind her, and as it would turn out, Deborah was inside of it.

It’s assumed that after Deborah Chong was forcibly given that antipsychotic medication for her paranoid schizophrenia, it really leveled her out. She was suddenly thinking very clearly for the first time in months.


And in this clear state of mind, it’s believed she realized the £200,000 gift she was giving to Jemma, someone she barely knew, was a bad decision. And so she just wanted to back out of it.

Back inside of Deborah’s house, when Deborah and Jemma are sitting there, and Jemma is doing her speech to try to convince Deborah Chong to change her mind, and Deborah is saying, “No, my final answer is no, it’s over,” that’s when Jemma snapped.


She grabbed a blunt object (we don’t know what it was), and she smashed Deborah right over the skull, fracturing her skull, causing Deborah Chong to fall unconscious and slump onto the floor. And then Jemma Mitchell leapt on top of Deborah’s unconscious body. Jemma pulled out a knife and cut Deborah’s head off.

Afterward, Jemma cleaned up all the blood in the house and then stuffed Deborah’s body and head into that big suitcase. And then, after Jemma stole several legal documents and a copy of Deborah’s will, she walked out of Debra’s house with Debra in the suitcase behind her.

Jemma Leaving Deborah's House, 1 Suicase Contain Deborah, The Other Contains Legal Docs
Jemma Leaving Deborah’s House, 1 Suicase Contain Deborah, The Other Contains Legal Docs

Jemma Mitchell would walk with Deborah all the way back to her house, and then she would leave the suitcase with Deborah Chong still inside of it in her backyard. She would just leave it there for two weeks. And then, after those two weeks, Jemma would take the suitcase again, still with Deborah’s body inside of it, and transport it 250 miles away to a seaside town where she would dump it.

Jemma Arriving Back At Her House With Deborah In Her Suitcase
Jemma Arriving Back At Her House With Deborah In Her Suitcase

In that seaside town, some vacationers would discover Deborah’s body and call it in to the police. On July 6, 2021, police would arrest Jemma Mitchell on suspicion of murder.

Jemma Loading The Suicase Into Her Car
Jemma Loading The Suicase Into Her Car

When they arrested her, they showed up at her house and used a battering ram to smash in her front door.

And then, when the door finally literally smashed open, Jemma was just standing there waiting for the police, as if she knew this was going to happen, and she’s just waiting to be taken away.

Jemma Transporting The Body
Jemma Transporting The Body

When the police would actually go into Deborah’s house and search it, they would find a fake copy of Deborah’s will where all of Deborah’s estate was handed over to Jemma and Jemma’s mother.

Where Deborah's Body Was Found
Where Deborah’s Body Was Found

In October of 2022, Jemma was found guilty of murder and sentenced to life in prison with a minimum term of 34 years. To this day, Jemma Mitchell insists she did not kill Deborah Chong.

Police Arresting Jemma
Police Arresting Jemma

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