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Kim Jong-Nam | EVIL brother’s DEADLY plan caught on camera

Kim Jong-Nam Tragedy: The Chilling Footage Revealing a Sinister Plot

Kim Jong-nam was the half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. His death in February 2017 was a high-profile case that drew international attention due to its dramatic and mysterious circumstances, as well as its implications for North Korean politics.

Several years ago, prank videos were huge on YouTube. Basically, a prank YouTube channel would go out in public, and they would do something to some unsuspecting person, film it, and that video would get tons of views on YouTube.

Well, during this prank heyday, there was one YouTube channel that pulled off a prank that really stood out amongst the thousands and thousands of others that were getting pumped out during this time.

The reason this particular prank stood out was because one, it was masterfully planned; two, it was brilliantly executed; and three, most memorably, it had massive intended and unintended consequences. We’re talking international scandal level consequences.

And amazingly, this story has yet to be converted into a major motion picture. So, I would imagine that most of you have actually never heard of it.

On the night of February 12, 2017, a young woman named Siti Aisyah saw something coming over to her that surprised her so much that she gasped and put her drink down on the bar. The bar she was at was called the Hard Rock Cafe in Kuala Lumpur, which is the capital city of Malaysia.

Siti Aisyah - Kim Jong-Nam | EVIL brother's DEADLY plan caught on camera
Siti Aisyah – Kim Jong-Nam | EVIL brother’s DEADLY plan caught on camera

This night for Siti had already been one of the best in recent memory, but now it was getting even better because a waitress was walking over to her, carrying a birthday cake with a candle lit in the middle. Siti knew it was for her, so she stepped forward, kind of bashfully.

All of Siti’s friends who were there with her formed up around her. As the waitress came over to Siti, the friends all immediately began singing “Happy Birthday” to Siti. It was Siti’s 25th birthday, and she could not believe how far she had come.

Hard Rock Cafe - Kim Jong-Nam | EVIL brother's DEADLY plan caught on camera
Hard Rock Cafe – Kim Jong-Nam | EVIL brother’s DEADLY plan caught on camera

Here she was, in this beautiful American-styled restaurant, surrounded by her friends who were these big TV show producers, and tonight they were throwing a party for her, something that did not happen often in Siti’s life to this point.

After Siti’s friends finished singing Happy Birthday, Siti leaned forward, and she blew out her candle. She didn’t even make a wish before she blew it out because, to her, she felt like she had everything she had ever wanted. So instead, as she blew that candle out, she just made a point to feel incredibly grateful for the life that she now had because not long ago, Siti’s life looked very different.

Siti Aisyah - Kim Jong-Nam | EVIL brother's DEADLY plan caught on camera
Siti Aisyah – Kim Jong-Nam | EVIL brother’s DEADLY plan caught on camera

Siti had grown up in a tiny town inside of a jungle in Indonesia. She was the youngest of three children, and her parents were very poor farmers that barely made enough money to provide shelter and food for their kids. In fact, Siti’s parents were so poor that they couldn’t afford to send her to high school. They needed her to stay home and go to work to help support the family.

Siti's Town - Kim Jong-Nam | EVIL brother's DEADLY plan caught on camera
Siti’s Town – Kim Jong-Nam | EVIL brother’s DEADLY plan caught on camera

Siti would end up getting married, and she would have a son with her husband, but her husband would divorce her and not provide any support for their kid. So suddenly, Siti was a single mother trying to look out for her son while also trying to provide for her parents and her other siblings.

Eventually, it became so difficult to find enough work to provide for all these people that Siti was forced to go abroad and look for work elsewhere outside of Indonesia, which meant she had to leave behind not only her parents and siblings but also her son. Her son had to stay with her parents.

Siti Aisyah's Parents
Siti Aisyah’s Parents

Siti would ultimately find work as a masseuse in a hotel in Malaysia called The Flamingo. Now, Siti really did not like this work at all, but it paid well enough, and she needed the money badly enough that she decided to just keep on doing it.

Sometimes, Siti, like a lot of the other girls that she worked with at the hotel, would daydream about being discovered as a model or a singer or an actress and getting taken away from this life to a life of luxury and wealth and leisure. But Siti never really expected that to happen.

Siti's Passport
Siti’s Passport

Next to Siti at the bar was her producer, whose name was James, and James had his arm around her. He suddenly flashed her his cell phone and kind of pointed to the screen. Siti looked at it and saw there was a text message from someone, but it was in a language that she didn’t recognize.

She asked James, “What is that?” James grinned at her and said, “This is my boss telling me that you are already a superstar in Korea.”

When Siti heard this, she was totally embarrassed but also really excited. Siti had met James about a month ago, in January of 2017, when Siti and some of her friends from the hotel had decided to go out for the night. Now, Siti very rarely went out; she basically worked and slept, and then sent home her money to her family.


But for whatever reason, she had been convinced by her friends to go out and have a good time. So she was all dolled up, and she and her friends were standing in line to get into a bar when a very handsome man wearing a suit, James, walked up to Siti and said, “Have you done any acting?”

Siti, wearing her best clothes with her friends, suddenly felt bold. She told this guy, whom she didn’t know, “No, I haven’t, but I’d like to try.” So James asked her if she would come with him, and she said okay.

They went to this cafe, sat down, got coffees, and James explained to Siti who he was. He told her he was a Japanese television producer who specialized in hidden camera prank videos. He needed actresses to put on pretty clothes and pull pranks on unsuspecting people on camera.

Siti had initially been very skeptical of James and this proposition. But at the same time, back then, prank videos were all the rage on YouTube, they were on mainstream TV, they were everywhere, and Siti knew that.

But she had never thought about being in one; she just sometimes liked to watch them. But James would tell her, “This is really easy work, and you’ll get paid well for it.” So Siti had ultimately said, “Okay, yeah, I’ll do it with you.”

After she said yes, her life had been a whirlwind. No longer was she a masseuse at a hotel, but instead, she was like a celebrity, flying all over the country, filming all these prank videos.

James’s bosses were so pumped; they kept messaging him, telling him how amazing she was and how every video she was doing was outperforming anything they hoped it could do. I mean, everything was going perfectly.

Siti took a few more bites of her birthday cake, then she checked her watch and saw it was almost 10 pm, which for James and her other friends might be early, but for Siti, that was pretty late. Plus, she had already had a lot of alcohol that night, and so she told everyone that she was going to call it a night.

As she began saying her goodbyes, James stopped her and said, “Before you go, we have one more prank we need to do.” Siti said okay, so James handed her this baby oil bottle, and he said, “Okay, so you’re going to walk over to those two guys over there, and you’re going to squirt this baby oil on their face.”

Siti took the bottle, and she looked at James, and she said, “Why?” And James said, “Because it’s funny.” Siti was not sure about this; she had never done a prank like this before.

All of her other pranks had been really light-hearted and fun, and nobody got hurt, and they were just, you know, generally very well received. But this felt different; it felt mean-spirited. But James assured her that everything would be fine and that this was just like all the other pranks they had done.

So Siti took a deep breath, got up from her bar stool, and walked over to these two men. They were facing away from her, so she kind of snuck up behind them. And when she was right up next to them, she opened the baby oil and squirted it all over the back of their heads and their shoulders.

And as soon as she did that, one of the men, who was actually much larger than Siti had anticipated, he swung around and looked at her with this incredibly angry look on his face.

And before Siti could even react or say anything, he reached out and grabbed her by the arm. And then, out of nowhere, these other men came running over, and they grabbed Siti as well, and they pulled her away from the bar. And Siti was screaming, trying to get away from these men, but they were just too strong.

And they dragged her all the way out of the bar, and they threw her in the back of this van, and then they drove off. And as they were driving away, Siti could hear James and her other friends back at the bar, laughing.

One of the actors was a woman who would be doing the pranking with Siti, and then their target, the unsuspecting man, was also an actor, James. The Japanese television production company had insisted that for this prank to work, this guy really did need to be in on it.

Siti had already met and rehearsed a couple of times with the other woman who she’d be doing this prank with, but she had not met the third actor, the unsuspecting man, yet. She’d be meeting him the next day, actually during the prank.

Siti would eventually fall asleep that night, and then her alarm would go off fairly early the next morning. When it did, Siti immediately got out of bed and she got dressed in a dark form-fitting outfit.

She put on some red lipstick and then hustled out of her room, downstairs, and up the hotel to meet James, the woman actress she’d be working with that day, and the other producers who were involved in the production. Then, as a big group, they hopped in a cab and went to the international airport where this big prank was going to take place.

When they got there, they made their way to a restaurant in the Departures area to wait for the third actor, the unsuspecting man, to show up so they could begin the shoot. While they waited, Siti and the other actress she’d be working with struck up a conversation.

The other actress’s name was Doan Thi Huong, and she was a 28-year-old woman from Vietnam. Just like Siti, she had come from a poor family and she had gone abroad to find work to help support her family.

Doan Thi Huong - Kim Jong-Nam | EVIL brother's DEADLY plan caught on camera
Doan Thi Huong – Kim Jong-Nam | EVIL brother’s DEADLY plan caught on camera

It was during this time that she was abroad that she was recruited to star in these prank videos. But unlike Siti, who daydreamed about maybe being a singer, or a model, or an actress or something someday, for Doan, acting was the only thing she ever thought of her whole life.

The only thing she ever wanted was to be an actress. In fact, Doan had left school to pursue a career in Show Business. She had been on a show called Vietnam Idol, but unfortunately did not make it past the first round. She had actually done a few other prank videos with a different production company, but neither of those two ventures had ever really panned out.

Doan Thi Huong - Kim Jong-Nam | EVIL brother's DEADLY plan caught on camera
Doan Thi Huong – Kim Jong-Nam | EVIL brother’s DEADLY plan caught on camera

It wasn’t until she was recruited by James and his team to be a part of these videos that Doan finally felt like she was on the right track. As they talked, Siti couldn’t help but feel like Doan was just a little bit weird. She did like Doan, she had no issues with her, but Doan had chosen to wear for this big shoot today a very childish outfit.

Instead of wearing something similar to what Siti had on, which Siti imagined she would be, Doan was wearing this weird childish-looking t-shirt that just said “LOL” on it, and she was carrying around with her everywhere this huge oversized teddy bear.

LOL T-Shirt - Kim Jong-Nam | EVIL brother's DEADLY plan caught on camera
LOL T-Shirt – Kim Jong-Nam | EVIL brother’s DEADLY plan caught on camera

But Siti just chalked it up to, you know, maybe James and the other producers told Doan to dress this way. And that’s why the group took their time at breakfast inside of this restaurant, just waiting for this third actor to show up. Finally, at 9 am, so after an hour of just sitting there, one of the producers actually said, “Hey, there he is right there.”

And so, Siti, Doan, and James looked out into the very crowded area, and sure enough, where the producer was pointing, was this guy who looked exactly like all of their other victims. He was this middle-aged, stocky guy carrying a briefcase, who totally blended in with the hundreds of other people out there.

CCTV moment Kim Jong-nam
CCTV moment Kim Jong-nam

The producers told Siti and Doan that it looked like this actor had already begun the scene; he was already heading over to the self-check-in kiosk, which was like the start of this prank. And so they told Siti and Doan, like, “Go, go start the prank.”

And so Siti grabbed the perfume that she was given to spray in this guy’s face, and the producers rushed to rub this oil on Doan’s hands along with giving her a wet cloth because that was what she was going to need for her side of this prank.

Then Siti stood up and began making their way out into the very crowded terminal. And as she walked, Siti couldn’t help but feel very nervous because she knew this was her big chance to show James and the other producers that she could work well with other actors, and that she could do a fairly complex prank.

Siti and Doan made their way right behind the third actor, and as he continued to punch the screen of the self-serve kiosk, the two women split up, just like they had rehearsed.

Siti walked around the man and got on the backside of this kiosk, basically looking at the man who was looking down at the computer screen. Doan stayed where she was, and then Doan looked up at Siti and nodded, which was the signal.

At which point, Siti rushed forward right in front of the guy who looked up and acted surprised, and then Doan ran up behind him and grabbed his face and rubbed her hands in that wet cloth all over his face.

And then Siti, as soon as that was happening, sprayed the perfume on the guy’s face as well. And then the two women kind of giggled and said “Sorry,” and then walked away in separate directions.

CCTV Footage - Kim Jong-Nam | EVIL brother's DEADLY plan caught on camera
CCTV Footage – Kim Jong-Nam | EVIL brother’s DEADLY plan caught on camera

As Siti walked to the bathroom to wash the perfume off her hands, she was very conscious of the fact that she was still very likely being filmed. So she checked her hair a couple of times and made sure her clothes were just right, and then she disappeared into the bathroom.

She washed her hands and then she looked up at the mirror and she smiled because she knew she had nailed this prank and she was going to be a star.

After Siti had finished washing up, she left the bathroom and made her way over to the Meetup Point kind of on the other side of the airport, where Doan, James, and the other producers were going to meet up. But no one was there, and she thought that was weird because they had totally planned to meet at this point after the prank.

But after a little while, Siti told herself that, you know, maybe they had already headed down to the taxi waiting area, and that’s where they are, and they’re waiting for me.

So Siti left the airport and went to the taxi waiting area, but when she got there, she found herself alone again. And so, Siti would stand there, looking around, waiting for about 15 minutes.

And when still, she didn’t see anybody, she texted James and said, you know, “Where are you?” But she didn’t get a response. And so, feeling kind of annoyed, Siti finally just flagged down a taxi on her own, hopped in, and told the driver she just wanted to go back to her hotel.

Then, on the drive to the hotel, Siti started to get car sick and kind of nauseous. And she figured it didn’t help that she had drunk a bunch the night before, so she was still a little bit hungover.

And at some point, she actually had to tell the driver to pull over so she could be sick. And after she was sick, she climbed back into the car, and they continued driving back to the hotel. But she started to feel worse and worse.

When Siti finally got back to the hotel, she paid the driver and went up to her room. But before she could even get into the bed, she collapsed on the floor. And that would be the last thing she would remember because Siti would never wake up again.

An autopsy would later reveal that Siti had died of a heart attack. But the strange thing about her heart attack was that it was triggered by a massive amount of adrenaline in her system. It wasn’t like any heart attack the medical examiner had ever seen before.

And so, that led to a police investigation into Siti’s death. The police would uncover that the perfume that Siti had sprayed in the face of this unsuspecting man at the airport had been laced with a chemical that when it’s inhaled, causes a massive spike in adrenaline.

And so, when Siti had sprayed this perfume in the man’s face, she had also inadvertently inhaled it herself. And so, for the next several hours, her heart rate would have been elevated to a very dangerous level without her even realizing it, which ultimately led to her heart attack.

The police would also discover that the other actress, Doan Thi Huong, and the unsuspecting man, James, were not who they said they were.

They were part of a criminal organization that used these prank videos as a cover to murder people. They had lured Siti into this situation under the guise of making a prank video, but their true intention was to kill her. The reason for this murder and the reason why Siti was targeted remained a mystery.

The police would eventually catch up to Doan and James and arrest them, but even then, the two would not give up the reason why they had killed Siti. They were both sentenced to life in prison, and the case would go down as one of the most bizarre and tragic incidents in the history of reality television.

And so she was just totally stuck, not really sure what to do. She just couldn’t understand it. I mean, even if it had gone really badly, if she had blown that prank for some reason, she had spent the past four weeks with these people, specifically James.

Flying all over the country with him, going to dinners with him, he had thrown her a birthday party. They had all these long conversations about life. What could she have possibly done that would warrant this kind of treatment?

And so, by the end of that day, when still Siti had heard nothing, she just felt totally heartbroken and embarrassed and decided, “You know what? I’m done with those people. Tomorrow I’m going home to my family.”

Sure enough, the next day Siti got up, she grabbed her things, she checked out of the hotel, she headed to the airport to fly back home. But as she was going through security, she heard all this commotion behind her. And she turned and she saw six heavily armed police officers sprinting in her direction.

And so instinctively, Siti tried to get out of the way to let them run past her. But instead of the men running past her, they ran right up to her, grabbed her, flipped her around, and put her under arrest.

And immediately, Siti’s like, “Oh my goodness, this is what’s been going on. They’ve been ghosting me for two days here because they were setting me up for another prank. I’m part of the prank now. James must be nearby filming, and they’ve sent these fake police officers to arrest me.”

And so, feeling totally relieved, Siti began to laugh and said to one of the officers, “Oh, so this is a prank, huh?” And the officer was like, “No, this is real. You are under arrest.”

And when he told her what she was being arrested for, Siti nearly fainted.

Here’s what really happened during Siti’s last big prank: after Siti and Doan had run up on the third actor, and Doan rubbed that towel on his face, and then Siti sprayed him with perfume, the two women had then disappeared into the crowd.

And then the third actor just stood there, staring blankly, and then he had kind of stumbled away from the kiosk, over to a receptionist, where he told her that he was feeling really dizzy.

Incident in the airport - Kim Jong-Nam | EVIL brother's DEADLY plan caught on camera
Incident in the airport – Kim Jong-Nam | EVIL brother’s DEADLY plan caught on camera

The receptionist could tell this guy definitely needed help. He was unsteady on his feet, his face was all wet, and he was speaking kind of frantically. And so, she grabbed a few employees of the airport, and they clustered around him and began walking him to the medical clinic that was in the airport.

And as they escorted him to this Clinic, the man began saying he was in so much pain and he kept walking slower and slower. And then finally, when they actually got him inside this Clinic, just a couple of minutes later, he was on the ground having a seizure.

Immediately, the medical staff rushed to the man’s Aid and they injected him with a medicine to stop the seizure. And then, with the help of airport staff, they lifted him up, put him on a stretcher, and then rushed him to an ambulance. That was supposed to take him to the hospital, but he would die on the way there.

Siti and Doan had no idea this had happened to the third actor after the prank. The two women had gone into separate bathrooms and then basically just missed each other.

They came out staggered to the meeting point and they didn’t see anyone. They both went down to the taxi waiting area, thinking that’s where everyone had gone. And again, Siti and Doan just didn’t see each other and they both got in their own taxis and went back to their own hotels.

As for James and the other producers, the reason they were absent after this prank had ended is because they planned to be absent after this prank. As soon as they saw Siti and Doan pulling off this prank successfully, they all got up from that restaurant and promptly rushed to board planes that would take them out of the country.

Because James and these other producers were not really producers. They didn’t have a prank show, it was all a charade. In reality, they worked for the North Korean government.

And James, whose real name was Reju, had been tasked by the North Korean government to recruit gullible women, AKA Siti and Doan, to participate in a top secret mission that could easily get them killed.

In fact, this mission was so sensitive and so dangerous that James and his other TV producers had to live undercover for weeks with Doan and Siti, kind of slowly convincing them that this was all legitimate and that what they were going to do was just a prank, not a top secret mission.

A Police Press Conference Regarding James aka Ri Ji U - Kim Jong-Nam | EVIL brother's DEADLY plan caught on camera
A Police Press Conference Regarding James aka Ri Ji U – Kim Jong-Nam | EVIL brother’s DEADLY plan caught on camera

Siti and Doan had both been recruited by James because they both were vulnerable and poor. Siti was also known to be very naive and believed anything she was told, and Doon was very immature and childlike and overly trusting.

All the prank videos that Siti and Doan had been independently filming with James and their crew in the weeks leading up to this big final prank had not been episodes of a prank show. They were actually doing pranks on actual unsuspecting people, but it was all rehearsals.

Siti and Huong - Kim Jong-Nam | EVIL brother's DEADLY plan caught on camera
Siti and Huong – Kim Jong-Nam | EVIL brother’s DEADLY plan caught on camera

James and his crew wanted to make sure that Siti and Doan: one, thought this really was a prank show, and two, that they were able to actually do the prank, that they wouldn’t chicken out at the end.

And on the morning of February 12, 2017, the day of the big prank, which in reality was the big secret mission, the perfume that Siti was given was not really perfume. And the oil that was rubbed on Doan’s hands was not really oil. They were the ingredients for a deadly nerve gas called VX.

Now, separately these ingredients would not have harmed either of these two women. But when you combine those ingredients, that’s when it turns into a deadly poison. And so that was why Siti and Doan had been told to do this prank together because James and his crew needed them to mix the VX gas on their target’s face.

Kim Jong-nam
Kim Jong-nam

And the target was not an actor. His name was Kim Jong-nam, and he had no idea what was going on when Siti and Doan touched his face and sprayed him with perfume. But he was dead within 20 minutes, and his death would have been exceptionally painful.

Kim Jong-nam
Kim Jong-nam

It would turn out Siti and Doan had been tricked into participating in one of the biggest political assassinations in recent history. Because Kim Jong-nam, the target, was actually the exiled brother of the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un. And it’s widely believed that Kim Jong-un is the one who actually authorized this assassination.

Kim Jong-nam & Kim Jong-un
Kim Jong-nam & Kim Jong-un

Both Siti and Doan were initially charged with murder in Malaysia, which comes with an automatic death sentence. But those charges were quickly dropped when it was discovered that these two women were clearly victims as well.

Surveillance video at the airport shows Siti and Doan handling the extremely deadly nerve agent ingredients so casually. And then, after they pulled off their prank, which meant they now had VX gas on their hands, they casually were touching door handles and elevator buttons. They had no idea what they had done.

Siti Aisyah & Doan Thi Huong - Kim Jong-Nam | EVIL brother's DEADLY plan caught on camera
Siti Aisyah & Doan Thi Huong – Kim Jong-Nam | EVIL brother’s DEADLY plan caught on camera

Siti and Doan did, however, each serve two years in prison for their involvement in the assassination. And then they were both released and sent back to their home countries. As for James, whose real name is Reju, and his crew, they all vanished, never to be seen again.

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